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Unspoken Management Myths

In our experience we have often encountered the following myths and realities.  We have also developed effective ways to better deal with the realities that can help you and your company achieve more success in the “real” world.  Consider the following…

Management Myths:

  • Management’s primary job is to make employees do their jobs and comply with company policies.
  • When an applicant has the skill sets needed for a particular job and an impressive resume, the manager can assume he/she also has good judgment and will likely make good decisions.
  • Management should not be concerned with an employee’s personal life because it has no implications for how well he or she will perform on the job.
  • Employees are “human resources” and exist to do the bidding of Management until, like other company resources, they are used up or discarded.
  • The primary reason employees choose to leave a company is for better pay and/or benefits, not for how they are treated by their manager.

Reality Is:

  • A manager’s job is to get work done through his/her employees, ensuring they have the resources necessary to do their jobs, helping them grow and develop, while providing inspirational leadership.  (We can help you with individual and team development that can be measured.)
  • Good judgment/decision-making is critical for any job and should be assessed by metrics during the hiring/selection process.  (We can help with this assessment.)
  • Employees’ judgment capacity related to their personal lives can either enhance or diminish the delivery of their work judgment strengths.  (We can assess work-life balance and help develop both self and work judgment strengths.)
  • Valued employees who are engaged, empowered and inspired not only perform at a higher level, but are also effective marketers of the company both during and after employment.  (Our development processes help demonstrate that you value your employees.)
  • The number one reason employees leave a job is how they feel they were treated by their manager.  (We can help with leadership development that supports your retention efforts.)

What management myths and realities are you encountering?

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Transformational Leadership for the New Economy

Do you agree with this?

In our new economy – where the high cost of avoidable turnover must be reduced and the compounding expense of poor decision-making eliminated– the most successful business leaders must hire and retain top talent.  Furthermore, they must ensure that those they choose to employ and keep on board not only have the required skill sets to do the job, but that they also will exercise good judgment when making critical decisions that affect customers, co-workers…your company as a whole.

People, regardless of their job, perform at a higher level if they are effective problem-solvers and careful decision-makers.  Morale is higher on teams and throughout organizations where employees value “work” as an opportunity to make a positive difference… something they “get to do” not just a job they “have to do.”  Make sense?

Resilient leaders who make wise choices own the new economy, not the other way around.  And they are able to do so without driving their employees to work harder.  But we must go beyond just “working smarter,” which is what we have all increasingly had to do over the last decade.  Now something transformational is required.

Receiving critical information that you currently don’t have about applicants’ capacity for good judgment before making hiring decisions is a transformational step in the right direction.  Discovering a few days or weeks after hiring someone that they tend to make poor choices which have adverse effects on your business is kind of like “closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out.”  You simply can’t afford to continue wasting money on damage control and replacing employees when much of that expense can be easily avoided.

Let us help you on your transformational journey as a leader, not to simply just survive, but to thrive in today’s challenging economy.

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